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About Nova Arts Academy

Nova Arts is a bright exciting new college in the north that has grown from the success and high standards of the NovaCity dance school. Our multi-storey studio offers an unparalleled learning environment to earn the qualifications we provide.


It's not just about the grades, through many years of work in the dance industry Nova has created a network of professional and active tutors ready to give their real-world experience through our learning programme. This team of top professional teachers, choreographers and directors ensures Nova can provide the highest quality training, education and industry guidance to further our learner's careers.


Our course will cover the traditional styles of dance along with incorporating the up to date styles of the constantly evolving demands of the industry. Working alongside the biggest names in the industry, Nova can provide unlimited opportunities for all students, including both locally and on an international level. This can include, showcases, competitions, teaching experiences and public performances. 


We believe that with hard work and determination all our student's aspiration and dreams of becoming professional dancers can come true

The Studio

Developed for the Sept 2019 - 2020 academic year NovaCity began renovation on the top floors of our facility in Barnsley. With the help of Sport England, the Nova Arts Academy was born. Providing multiple studios and classroom, the environment suits the intense and focussed teaching and learning we provide. Class sizes are kept small to maintain this focus. Over the next year, more studios will be added to the final floor of the property as the college expands to take on more students.

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